Other health resources

Where to find out what health problems may occur in your breed

  • Breed Club
  • Your breeder and mentors
  • Books on the breed
  • Books on dog genetics
  • A number of resources and databases on hereditary (or presumed hereditary) diseases in dogs are available.  These are listed below.

Hereditary Disease Database

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Hereditary Diseases committee has created a database of DNA tests for hereditary diseases in dogs and cats. It is searchable by laboratory, test or breed through the University of Pennsylvania.  The database also provides descriptions of diseases, information on the mutation and inheritance, and references to the information.

Canine Inherited Disorders Database

The Canine Inherited Disorders Database (CIDD) Is a Canadian database that attempts to provide a list of inherited disorders for each breed, on which there is consensus among veterinarians and other experts that these are significant in that breed.

Inherited Diseases In Dogs

The Inherited Diseases in Dogs (IDID) database complied by David Sargan in the UK contains a guide to conditions reported in purebred dogs that are, or are likely to be, inherited. Search by breed or genetic anomaly. Provides links to PubMed and other abstracting services.

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology (CGE)  is a new peer-reviewed journal that provides free access to its content.  Each article includes an extended lay summary plus key "take home messages" for non-specialists and an educated lay readership.  The first issues contains a review on the genetics of eye diseases in dogs.

ANKC Canine Health and Wellbeing on facebook

The ANKC Canine Health & Wellbeing Committte has a facebook page.

International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) - DogWellNet

'Cooperation, collaboration and sharing of information and resources across the global dog community to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of pedigreed dogs and all dogs. ' -- Lots of links and information from here.